Stephanie Smit made by Tanimara van Heyningen

Photos and more about Stephanie Smit (Giek)

Stephanie Smit (Giek) is a multi-talented performer in various levels of art, She was born on May 25, 1987 in Oisterwijk. Her mother is an artist so she got in contact with creativity at an early age.

At a young age she quit school like some teenagers do this at that age. She visited alot of parties with her friends and lead a rebellious life. Also a life where she found much creativity in. Stephanie moved from Oisterwijk to Amsterdam and followed her heart by joining Theatre training which she finished successfully.

After theatre training it all started with freaky and dark artperformances, later comedy and now she is making conciosexpanding music with her band Lucifer’s Dream and will star as the leading actress in a dutch film.

She helps people finding their lifepath through Astrology and Human Desing. Aswell as helping the physical energy body to be more balanced by using Reiki techniques.

Old friends miss her, everyone leads a different life now. But once a year at Christmas they try to come together and have a nice feast while creating and playing various music.



5-7-2016 These photos from Stephanie Smit (giek) were made in Oisterwijk on our day off:

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