Jamaica Jurassic ART STUDIO, Orange hill



On our way up to Orange Hill we saw Jamaica Jurassic ART STUDIO.

The owner told us that he was a metal worker who made art.

He gave us a nice tour around his studio.



In the picture above you see an open window which he made out of iron with the help of forgings.

He loves green and leaves and to work in a open space.

Therefor he has made the design like this.


There was really a lot of interesting art and craftmanship to see.

He had also a few puppies walking around with their mother.

He told us that he would keep them all.

If he treats them right they will good for him he said.

All in all it was a quiet place where little amount of people came by.

But i think that it´s definitely worth a visit if you like culture and see or buy art\craftwork.




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