About Saba

We went on a family visit to St. Maarten with the ferry a day to Saba.

The island has an area of 13 km² with about 2000 inhabitants.

Saba is a Dutch island in the Caribbean.

The people there can also speak Dutch because this language is learned at school.

Saba´s inhabitants are mixed, partially white and partialy black.

Our tour leader told us that this went very well with each other on the island.

A typical house in Saba has white wooden walls with green shutters and red colored roof.

The inhabitants are required to paint their home every year and they even have a place on

the island where they can bring back or get free materials such as rocks and sand.

Because of these regulations the island looks pretty clean.

Many countries can learn something from this approach.



Before that we went on the ferry we got informed that it was a solid ride.

The sun was shining that day and it supposedly was one of the best day to use this ferry.

There were some people drinking alcohol when we just departed.

The Ferry goes back and forth and you see the water against the windows.

Kinda obviously all these people where sick before they arrived in Saba.

Once arrived at Saba you´ll get a Customs stamp of arrival and departure..

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  1. Ilona hubbard
    14 oktober 2016 at 22:44

    Very interesting Tani , I didn’t know that there is a Dutch island , would you like to live there one day ? Xx hope all is well and that Henri has recovered now. Be in touch, I haven’t got you mobile so if you text me your number on what’s app we can talk ok xx love auntie Ilona xx

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