Jamaica Blue Lagoon


Blue Lagoon is situated in the province of Port Antonio in Jamaica.

You can do a tour with a normal boat or with a bamboo raft.

While sailing along the coast you’ll see beautiful villas.

The water is clear blue and definitely worth the look.

When dropped on Monkey Island you have some possibilities to relax and snorkel.

〈take your own snorkel stuff with you〉

After an hour they´ll  come to pick you up and go back to the Blue Lagoon.



The Island got it’s name from the colony of monkeys which Alfred Mitchell´s explorer son in law Hiram Bingham brought in to Jamaica.

Rather than keeping the monkeys in his mansion Mitchell let them live on the Island.

There are different movies made on the Blue Lagoon.


1962 Dr.no

1973 Live and let die

1980 Blue lagoon

1988 Coctail

1989 The mighty quinn


pictures of Blue Lagoon Jamaica:


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